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Stimulate Hair Regrowth. Regain What You've Lost. Feel amazing!

The Naked Truth Langley Hair Restoration Programs "ENRICHES" the skin on your scalp to create an environment where hair can grow!


after 12 weeks on our Hair restoration program

Up To 90% Success

Preventing New Hair Loss

Thicker Hair

New Hair Follicles


This comprehensive doctor hair restoration program here at The Naked Truth Langley will get you to where you need to be in order to feel confident and ready to take on the world. So, what is involved?

✅ A comprehensive consultation with our on site doctor

✅ 3 PRP Treatments

✅ And all the necessary tools to help keep you on your game.

What are PRP treatments & how do they help?

PRP treatment can help address male pattern baldness by stimulating the growth of hair.

The results of PRP hair restoration treatment are noticeable after several weeks and results continue to improve with each visit. Most noticeable results after 6 months.

Because the treatments use a patient’s own tissues, PRP injections are safe and can be administered alone or used in conjunction with other procedures.

What are PRP treatments & how does it support hair restoration?

Platelet-rich plasma consists of two elements: plasma, or the liquid portion of blood, and platelets, a type of blood cell that plays an important role in healing throughout the body.

Platelets are well-known for their clotting abilities, but they also contain growth factors that can trigger cell reproduction and stimulate tissue regeneration or healing in the treated area. Platelet-rich plasma is simply blood that contains more platelets than normal.

To create platelet-rich plasma, our doctor takes a blood sample from the patient and places it into a device called a centrifuge that rapidly spins the sample, separating out the other components of the blood from the platelets and concentrating them within the plasma. This plasma is then used to support your hair restoration.

Restoring your hair & your confidence can start today!

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Introducing The Most Advanced Non-Invasive

Hair Restoration Program.


Minimal Down Time

The procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive. It can be performed at the doctor’s office without the need for any operation. As a result of this, recovery is quick as compared to that of a surgical procedure.

The doctor just uses a needle for removing the blood and later for injecting the platelet-rich plasma into the marked area.


Don't risk scars

Luckily, PRP is not one of those treatments. As the procedure uses only needles, there are no cuts or scars created on the scalp region.

Due to this very quality, PRP is also used in treating arms, legs, and even the face.

absolutely safe

It's your own plasma

This is one of the safest treatments out there for addressing hair issues. Being non-invasive and non-surgical definitely helps, but the biggest reason for this procedure to be so safe is because you use your own body cells.

This also eliminates any risks associated due to allergic reactions. Moreover, there is no possibility of contamination as there are no other entry points apart from the injection.

highly effective

Results as quick as 3 months

PRP is one of the most effective treatments for hair issues and has been used across the globe by every other doctor and hair specialist.

It can provide promising noticeable results for most patients as soon as 2 weeks but most results within a span of 3 months. Even the rest can experience visible changes in their hair growth within 1 year.

minimal discomfort

you may not feel a thing

This is quite obvious. Since the treatment doesn’t involve any surgery, the patient will experience only a minimum level of discomfort, that too at the time of administering the injection.

Even that pain varies based on the area you are getting treated and also on your pain tolerance. For those with very low pain tolerance levels, doctors give local anesthesia. This will ensure that you don’t feel even the smallest of pain.

very convenient

zero down time

It is an outpatient procedure that takes only around an hour to perform. You do not have to stay in the clinic for the entire day. You can also come for the procedure at any time of the day(by getting an appointment) that is convenient to you and leave the place immediately after the treatment.

In other words, you can go back to your normal routine the same day. It is perfect for everyone, including working professionals, as they can drive to their office immediately after the treatment.

natural results

Stimulates your natural ability

One of the biggest benefits of PRP treatment is that the treatment resolves the root cause of the issue.

It stimulates the inactive hair follicles to promote hair growth. In fact, you can be at complete peace knowing that the results are completely natural because the procedure makes use of your own platelets to treat the condition.

customized treatment

designed for you

PRP isn’t a one-size-fits-all hair restoration solution. In fact, PRP treatment is a completely customizable procedure. All doctors and hair specialists first understand the magnitude of patients’ hair loss and create a treatment plan completely unique for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a substance that is harvested from a small sample of the patient’s own blood. It is a concentrated mixture of plasma and platelets, which have natural healing properties. Since it comes from the patient’s body, the chance of rejection is incredibly low. When it is injected into the scalp, it improves hair follicle health and promotes hair regrowth.

Is There Downtime? There is no downtime or recovery time required after PRP hair restoration. Following the session, patients will be given aftercare instructions. They must avoid direct exposure to sunlight for prolonged periods of time over the next few days. Additionally, they must not use harsh hair products for at least 24 hours.

How Should I Prepare For PRP Hair Restoration? Patients should avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for at least 48 hours before the session; this helps to prevent excessive swelling and bruising after injections.

How Long Is Each PRP Hair Restoration Injection Session? Each session should not take longer than 30 to 45 minutes. The actual injection of the substance only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on each case. Once the PRP has been administered to the target areas of the scalp, patients are free to return to their day.

How Many PRP Treatment Sessions Are Needed? The number of sessions required to see results with PRP hair restoration will be different for each case. The first session should start producing appreciable changes, but patients may be advised to come in for at least three treatments to get the best results. Each treatment will be spaced out at around four to six weeks. After that, patients only need to worry about maintenance.

How Much Does PRP Hair Restoration Cost? Patients will find out how much their PRP hair restoration will cost when they come in for a consultation. Price can vary depending on several factors, such as the number of sessions needed.

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*Individual results may vary based on an individuals personal health, diet, personal commitment, in adherence to the program. Information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before starting any hair restoration program, consult with a health care professional.